Leopard frogLeopard Frogs (Lithobates pipiens,) and Pickerel frogs are easily mistaken for the other. The arrangement and shape of the spots, the shape of the snout and coloration of the upper thigh and abdomen are the identifying locations. The spots on a Leopard are very irregular and random, each surrounded by a lighter colored boarder. Patterns can range from large roundish spots to spots that are stretched out and running down the direction of the dorsal surface. Base body coloration can range from a bronze to a vibrant green. The dorsal fold is prominent resembling a blade of grass. The eardrum has a light spot in the center. The snout of the Leopard is more pointed then that of a Pickerel. A Leopard frog has a solid strip above the mouth, though many color and pattern variations do occur.
Vocalizations: Leopard Frogs have a 2 part call that sounds like a desending snore with several grunts at the end.

Leopard frog