Spring PeeperSpring Peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) are among the first frogs to call in the spring. This species is extremely hardy and can be found calling around the base of grasses surrounding their ponds. As the spring temperatures fluctuate, so does their activity. Some resilient males can be heard calling even after several inches of fresh snow has fallen and the pond is covered with a thin layer of ice. They can be heard chorusing well into April. Their tan body color is broken by a rough "X" on the dorsal surface and their legs are banded breaking up their outline. They have distinguishable toe pads and are excellent climbers.
Vocalizations: The Spring Peeper begins calling early in the spring sounding very raspy but a very powerful and piercing peep soon develops and a chorus turns into a deafening sound. There are several varieties of calls given when staking out territory or another male is in close proximity. The encounter call is an ascending trill given when one frog has entered another's territory. Several males close to each other will also create a duet, with each frog at a slightly different pitch, and the calls are timed one following or overlapping the others.

Spring Peeper