Pickerel frogPickerel Frogs (Lithobates palustris) and Leopard frogs are easily mistaken for the other. The arrangement and shape of the spots, the shape of the snout and coloration of the upper thigh and abdomen are the identifying locations. The spots on a Pickerel have a more distinct corner to them and are generally arranged in parallel rows down the dorsal surface. Base body coloration is more of a tan, camouflaging it within the grasses of environment where is is found. The dorsal fold is thicker and prominent resembling a blade of grass. The snout is more rounded then the Leopard frog. The thigh has a bright yellow color that is hidden when the legs are in their resting position, along with bright yellow webbing on the rear feet. A pattern of bronze, dark brown and cream followed by a molted pattern above the mouth is different from the Leopards which has a solid strip before the mouth, though many color and pattern variations do occur.
Vocalizations: The Pickerel Frog vocalization is around 2 seconds in durtion and sounds like a finger rubbing across a balloon or a growling tummy.

Pickerel frog